Castles / Fortress (12)

Stahleck Castle (Gemany)

Thank you, Brigitte

Eltz Castle (Germany)

Thank you Jessica Balzke

Castel of Mir (Belarus)

Thank you Sasha (Belarus)

Riga Castle (Latvia)

Castle of Mir was building in XVIc (heritage of UNESCO)

Thank you  Helen Manoila (Belarus) cod: 1001-069

Narva – Estonia

“The river Narova is border betweenEstonia and Russia. Estonia – Hermann Castle XIVc (white); Rusia – grey fortress 1482c”  Write by Anna

Thank you Anna Dmitrijeva (Estonia) cod: 1001-067

Eilean Donan Castle

“This castle is open to the public and really interesting, also seals play around the rocks nearby.” Whrited by Jean.

Thank you Jean (Scotland) cod: 1001-061

Konigsschloss Neuschwanstein Castle

Thank you  Walt Carter (Indiana USA)

Peles Castle cod: 1001-8

Bran Castle cod: 1001-14

Rasnov Fortress cod: 1001-15

Sforza Castle

Thank you, Linda Bernardo  (Milano, Italy) cod: 1001-23

The Vajdahunyad Castle (Hungary) cod: 1001-30


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