About me

Hi! I am Dan from Brasov, Transilvania, localizated in the middle of Romania being a major tourist attraction. My passion is photography and music, I like also documentary movies about life and science ( I am fan Nathional Geographic).
I collect postcards but specialy with National Georaphic card, castels, bridges, lighthouses,  UNESCO sites, old trains, planes, art (paintings), mountains I also apreciate landscape or cityplaces.
*Specialy, i would like for you to write in a few words something about the image that is on the postcards. don’t forget to write your name please.
If possible, I prefer to receive postcards with single image, postcards that are written on, stamped and dated.(not in envelope)
If you’d like to exchange cards  e-mail me (bv40art@yahoo.com).

Received postcards will be registered within 24 hrs. when I’m at home. Please feel free to contact me when your card is not registered in a reasonable time.

Please, don’t send self made postcards, adcards or freecards.

I am a Postcrossing member and you can find me under:  Romania, Brasov, “capitanu”
Thank you !
Have a grate day!


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