The Black Eagle Palace

The Black Eagle Palace the one-time hotel was built between 1907-1909 on the base of the old Eagle guesthouse. The ensemble equipped with a glass covered passage making the connection between three streets became the most important realization of the architect couple Marcell Komor and Dezso Jakab.

Sent to Beate Ludwing (Germany)


The Capilano Suspension Bridge

The Capilano Suspension Bridge was built in 1889 and the woodand wire rope structure straddles The Capilano River at 70m above the water.

Thank you, Marie Peeleis (Canada)

North Devon, England

Looking through an archway at Fishing Boats, Clovelly, North Devon, England

Thank you, Richard (The Netherlands)

The Altai Mountains (Mongolia)

Tha Altai Mountains – Karakol Lake

Thank you, Olga (Rusia)

Beihai Prak

Beihai Park (China)

Thank you, Iang Yulu (China)

Das Leuchtturme

Das Leuchtturme

Thank you, Norbert Venzke (Gemany)


Braşov   – Medieval Guard

Sent to Auli Hittunen (Finland)

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